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Learning object models, feature extraction and recognition from high resolution remotely sensed images, tracking and virtual reality, biomedical informatics, medical image analysis and robotic vision.

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Competitive advantage

  • Methods range from classical computer vision and machine learning to deep learning.
  • Use-inspired research and development, resulting in strong industry partnerships


  • Better analysis of images for a range of applications

Successful applications

  • Framework for image analysis of ocular images, Brien Holden Vision Institute
  • Diffuse lung disease feature recognition and quantification, i-Med Networks
  • Automatic map updating module for ARC/INFO in Geographic Information Databases, Australian Surveying and Land Information Group
  • Recognition of allergy dust mites in environment from visual images
  • Data analytics for genocide forecasting
  • Visual analytics for preserving privacy in a camera-rich world

Capabilities and facilities

  • GPU servers for deep learning experiments