Brain, Cognition and Mental Health

  • The Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics is the largest genomics facility at any Australian University. It is comprehensively equipped with the latest generation of next-generation sequencing technology, with single-cell genomics platforms and with high throughput microarray systems. It is funded by the Australian Government as infrastructure of national significance.

  • Studying cognitive and brain development underlying age-related changes in mental well-being and investigating the impact of social developments. Using novel media and experimental science can promote innovation in prevention and intervention development and inform policy making and mental health literacy and awareness.

  • Working with data from clinical trials, observational cohort studies, evidence synthesis and online surveys to develop a holistic understanding of the different risk factors for cognitive decline, and the outcomes of intervention, with a particular emphasis on blood pressure and an overall aim of providing clear guidelines for the protection of brain health across the life-course.

  • There is an unmet medical need for early diagnosis and monitoring of conditions that affect an ageing population, such as diabetic neuropathy. Cross-disciplinary team capable of using the transparent cornea and the accessible tear film to monitor for changes to make these diagnoses early and prevent complications.