Understanding changes in social cognition in older adults

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Social cognition is the ability to process and understand social signals, as a way to understand other people. Development of tools to assess social cognition in older age and in people who may be suffering from dementia can assist in diagnosis and management of cognitive decline.

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Competitive advantage

Development of assessment instruments that are

  • sensitive to different forms of dementia
  • Sensitive to individual differences in social cognition in older adults

Development of on-line psychoeducational materials to help families manage challenging behaviour in people with brain injury


The development of sensitive measures of social cognition has

  • facilitated diagnosis of sub-types of dementia
  • provided the means by which clinicians can communicate with families about the likely real-world social implications of cognitive decline in dementia

Successful outcomes

The Awareness of Social Inference Test (TASIT) is now used internationally to assess brain disorders including dementia and stroke

Capabilities and facilities

  • Expertise in the clinical assessment and management of disorders of social cognition
  • Expertise in the development of diagnostics and consulting to clinicians

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