Self and Society

  • Collaboration is key to addressing complex social issues. It is also paramount to evaluate whether intended outcomes of social policy are being achieved. A collaborative approach to addressing complex issues which integrates scientific rigour with day-to-day practicalities may lead to dramatically improved social outcomes.

  • The Australian Human Rights Institute applies leading research to real-world human rights violations to make an impact on communities when they most need innovative responses. The Institute works in partnership with government, industry, and human rights defenders in the community.

  • Investigating the neuropsychological basis of decision-making in older adults, social and contextual influences on shared decision-making and practical interventions to facilitate advance care planning, elder mediation and supported decision-making. This research informs a rights-based approach to older adult decision-making.

  • Using creative engagement and psychosocial intersections with communities to provide transformational possibilities, and as research methodologies for data collection to understand lived experience. Experienced in organising and facilitating creative workshops, participatory co-design, arts engagement with vulnerable communities, including older people and people living with dementia.

  • Internationally recognised expertise in the law of succession, an aspect of 'elder law', which concerns inheritance and the passing of property on death. Wills and other instruments are more commonly executed in later years of life, where the management of lack of capacity and end of life decision-making of all kinds is highly sensitive yet holds a critical social function. Special recognition for work on Indigenous people's inheritance needs and how to deal with them.