Optimising collaboration to achieve measurable social outcomes

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Collaboration is key to addressing complex social issues. It is also paramount to evaluate whether intended outcomes of social policy are being achieved. A collaborative approach to addressing complex issues which integrates scientific rigour with day-to-day practicalities may lead to dramatically improved social outcomes.

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Competitive advantage

Expertise in:

  • Effective collaboration
  • Systems thinking and complex social issues
  • Measurement and evaluation, especially when resources for these activities are scarce
  • Working with for-purpose organisations aiming to have a positive social impact
  • The promotion of financial wellbeing and employment for older workers


Improved capacity of the for-purpose sector to:

  • Use evidence, not anecdotes, to make decisions
  • Create positive social impact
  • Assist in reducing systemic disadvantage across Australia

Successful outcomes

  • Measuring outcomes for clients that inform executive decision-making
  • Contributing to national strategies to improve financial capabilities
  • Creating research-informed tools for applied practitioners
  • Making evidence more accessible to those who need it

Capabilities and facilities

  • The Collaboration Health Assessment Tool, which assesses how well partners are working together
  • Amplify Social Impact Platform, which vastly simplifies the measurement and evaluation process
  • Rapid turnaround of comprehensive evidence reviews

Our partners

  • The Salvation Army
  • IRT Group / Age Matters
  • Good Shepherd - Financial Inclusion Action Plan