Economy and Policy

  • Examining the social and governance issues in health and aged care that may result in social exclusion and inequality. Leading the Chinese Social Policy Program which works on the care and support of the Chinese population in Australia and China in comparison with other countries

  • A unique collaboration between academia, government and industry, the Centre's innovative research is providing global solutions to the economic and social challenges of population ageing to secure Australia's future as a well-informed nation with world-best policy and practice, and to consolidate a world-leading research reputation in this field.

  • City Futures Research Centre studies equity and wellbeing in cities from planning, policy and sociological perspectives. This concerns factors that facilitate or preclude access to quality housing and essential services across the socioeconomic spectrum through established collaborative partnerships with government and industry partners.

  • Exploring pension and long-term care issues extensively with research on demography, health and human resources topics for an aging population.

  • Retirement is a huge personal and financial step-change in life. Research on modelling and managing the risks of ageing can provide strategies and policy proposals which ensure individuals meet their retirement income and aged care needs.

  • There is discussion in policy circles and popular media about under-utilisation of housing by older Australians. This includes calls for older people to downsize and release their larger homes into the market for families. Studies using national surveys and in-depth interviews reveal insights into these issues and their potential policy implications.

  • Decades of Australian public policy reforms mean care responsibilities, particularly for our older relatives, are increasingly being shifted from institutions back into families. This has transpired into more older people living in households with younger family members than before. Further promotion of ageing-in-place will likely encourage continued increase, bringing with it the need for sound policies and support for families.

  • Examining international human rights frameworks for the protection of the human rights of the older person and the need to adopt a new treaty to better protect those rights. Research in the field of international human rights law and its implementation at the national level.