City Futures Research Centre

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City Futures Research Centre studies equity and wellbeing in cities from planning, policy and sociological perspectives. This concerns factors that facilitate or preclude access to quality housing and essential services across the socioeconomic spectrum through established collaborative partnerships with government and industry partners.

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Competitive advantage

  • Australia's leading urban and housing research centre, assessed at the highest five star level ("well above world standard") by the Australian Research Council in 2012, 2015 and 2018 for urban planning and related research
  • Strong linkages with industry, policy and practice on housing policy and development in Australia and internationally, and multi-disciplinary expertise across the built environment and social sciences.


  • Increasing public, government and industry awareness on intended and unintended outcomes of policy programs and developments

Successful outcomes

  • Leading major research on policy barriers to downsizing, housing choices, and housing affordability
  • Disseminating research findings through publication, consultation, and new pathways such as online digital visualisations (

Capabilities and facilities

  • High-level policy review and analysis
  • Qualitative evidence on impacts of policy on housing, family, affordability and wellbeing
  • CityViz, a data visualisation and analytics initiative using urban big data for Australia to provide integrated visual depiction of our changing demographics
  • Linkage with the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute research network

Our partners

  • Centre for Research, Evaluation and Social Assessment, New Zealand
  • Centre for the Ageing
  • Strata Communities Australia
  • NSW Landcom
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Australian Council of Social Services