Conservation Biology and Marine Science

  • Accurate, detailed, and timely information on the marine environment is essential for the "Blue Economy". Expertise delivering research quality ocean information to end-users in industry, defence, and government. "End-to-end" approach integrates ocean observations from a range of platforms, numerical models, operational data assimilation and forecasting, machine learning, and data delivery for time-sensitive decision making.

  • Ecosystem restoration is the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged or destroyed. Against a backdrop of rapid habitat degradation on land and along our coastlines, ecosystem restoration is becoming a critically important conservation intervention that can greatly enhance biodiversity and key ecosystem services.

  • Research expertise in conservation biology in all Earth's major realms: freshwater, terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Research focuses on key threatening processes (such as habitat loss, fire, climate impact and change, invasive species) and ways of mitigating these threats as well as working on many different plant and animal species and ecological processes.

  • CMSI is a leading teaching and research centre for solution-based, multidisciplinary science and innovation in coastal, temperate ecosystems. CMSI aims to establish and maintain large-scale collaborations with industry, government, NGOs and the community to enhance the ecological and socio-economic value of temperate ecosystems through the provision of scientific information to influence policy to improve their conservation and management.

  • The digital revolution creates opportunities to use big data and modern technologies to provide insight into important ecological questions. The Eco-Stats Research group is a world-leader at the interface between ecology and statistics, pioneering 21st century tools to study species distribution, ecological communities, and potential response to climate change.