Centre for Marine Science and Innovation

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CMSI is a leading teaching and research centre for solution-based, multidisciplinary science and innovation in coastal, temperate ecosystems. CMSI aims to establish and maintain large-scale collaborations with industry, government, NGOs and the community to enhance the ecological and socio-economic value of temperate ecosystems through the provision of scientific information to influence policy to improve their conservation and management.

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Competitive advantage

  • Ecological management
  • Marine biotechnology and aquaculture
  • Integrated micro-/macro-biology and ecology
  • Anthropogenic/ climate change impact and humans interactions
  • Sources, fate and ecotoxicological impacts of pollutants
  • Fisheries and coastal resource management
  • Coastal and regional oceanography
  • Science communication and outreach


  • Restoration of degraded landscapes and ecosystems
  • Fisheries and aquaculture development
  • Enhance citizen science engagement
  • Engagement with government end-users

Successful outcomes

  • Improved aquaculture production in Australia and developing countries
  • Restoration of lost habitats that support healthy ecosystems and fisheries production
  • High public engagement in restoration
  • High profile art-meets-science collaborations
  • Improved policy and conservation management of marine ecosystems

Capabilities and facilities

  • Access to technical expertise and facilities dedicated to core strengths

Our partners

  • The CMSI has over 160 national and international collaborators, including universities, industry, NGOs and Government agencies.