Housing utilisation and downsizing of older Australians

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There is discussion in policy circles and popular media about under-utilisation of housing by older Australians. This includes calls for older people to downsize and release their larger homes into the market for families. Studies using national surveys and in-depth interviews reveal insights into these issues and their potential policy implications.

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Competitive advantage

  • Internationally recognised expertise in housing policy, design and practice
  • Strong background combining housing, urban and human behaviour research
  • Experience in undertaking policy-relevant research
  • Ground-breaking research into housing utilisation and downsizing
  • Leadership in international housing research and policy networks
  • Demonstrated ability in cross-disciplinary research collaboration and management
  • Extensive experience in community engagement and capacity building


  • Detailed insights into older people's housing and relocation preferences
  • Influence on housing policy and practice via government policy forums and reports
  • Membership of government advisory committees on housing and urban renewal

Successful outcomes

  • Major research reports on various aspects of population ageing, housing and urban environments
  • Initiating International collaborations on ageing and housing research

Capabilities and facilities

  • Multi-disciplinary research centre team
  • Established international network on housing and urban research issues
  • Publicly available CityVis online data visualisation and analytics