Insuring and Financing the Risks of Ageing

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Retirement is a huge personal and financial step-change in life. Research on modelling and managing the risks of ageing can provide strategies and policy proposals which ensure individuals meet their retirement income and aged care needs.

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Competitive advantage

  • Actuarial and risk expertise in the globally leading Actuarial Business school program (The UNL Global Research Rankings of Actuarial Science and Risk Management & Insurance)
  • Thought leadership with a long research track record in longevity risk and ageing research coordinated through the UNSW Actuarial Longevity Risk Research group
  • Innovative research approach incorporating machine leaning and data analytics to modelling mortality and health status
  • Strong industry links to insurance and financial sectors


  • Leading the world in aggregate mortality modelling applying financial modelling techniques to longevity risk and ageing
  • Industry recognised development of state-of-the-art models for functional disability with trends and uncertainty for application to the design of insurance products
  • Recognition of research by actuarial professional bodies including the Society of Actuaries in North America

Successful outcomes

  • Research inputs into Federal Government Reviews including the Retirement Income Review and Financial System Inquiry
  • New models for longevity risks as well as health status and functional disability with improvement trends and uncertainty for insurance applications published in leading international actuarial journals

Our partners

  • Society of Actuaries in North America