Validation of Processes for Water Treatment and Recycling

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Using state-of-the-art asset management techniques to deliver water that is fit for purpose, safer and cheaper, to food growers and manufacturers.

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Competitive advantage

  • Unique interdisciplinary research expertise in developing and optimising water treatment processes for a range of industrial applications
  • Extensive research experience in assessing the resilience and reliability of water treatment systems
  • Innovative approach to assessing the performance of treatment processes and their ability to deliver fit-for-purpose water


  • Developing validation guidelines for water treatment and recycling processes to increase safety in food production.

Successful applications

  • Implementation of national guidelines to validate treatment processes for non-potable reuse applications (WaterVal)
  • Use of Triple Bottom Line and Life Cycle Assessment to evaluate internal water and energy recovery systems in abattoirs
  • Development of food safe, non-microbial, biodegradable silver citrate nanoparticles for rapid validation of water recycling systems, for use in glass house and indoor horticulture applications

Capabilities and facilities

  • Extensive research experience in the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software, for water treatment and membrane processes in particular State-of-the-art analytical suite for organic and microbial characterisation

Our partners

  • Water Corporation of Western Australia
  • Sydney Water
  • Australian Meat Processor Corporation
  • Evoqua Water Technologies