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The study of blast behaviour in liquids at high pressures.

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Competitive advantage

  • The ability to study blast waves under water at very high pressures that, unlike most facilities that use explosive pellets to generate the blast wave, uses the spark generated by a high-powered pulsed laser focused into the water
  • The only facility of its kind that is capable of operation at pressures of up to 50 MPa


  • This unique facility has a number of potential applications to personnel safety, protection of platforms and the design of future equipment, including:
  • Study of the behaviour of blast waves in water at depth
  • Investigation of the effects of blast on human/animal tissue

Successful applications

  • Non-thermal sterilisation of meat, Australian Meat Processing Corporation

Capabilities and facilities

  • High-speed visualisation and high-speed, high-pressure measurement technologies to investigate the transient processes

Our partners

  • Australian Meat Processing Corporation