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Developing biomaterials for regenerative medicine, including: organ specific scaffolds for three dimensional cell culture in vitro; organ specific microcarrier for high throughput cell culture and secretome production; implantable biomaterials and drug and cell delivery systems; and materials for immunobiomodulation in situ.

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Competitive advantage

  • The first group in the world to develop a low-cost methodology to produce organ-specific, low immunogenic and highly biocompatible tissue scaffolds.


  • Improved healing in recalcitrant wounds
  • Biologically accurate tumour models for drug development and nanomedicne
  • Animal-free early drug testing in organ-specific and disease-specific microenvironments

Successful outcomes

  • The approach is in the early stages of clinical translation in the area of regenerative and veterinary medicine.

Capabilities and facilities

  • Customisable, scalable and affordable production of organ-specific biomaterials.

Our partners

  • Royal North Shore Hospital
  • Garvan Institute
  • Sechenov University Hospitals