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Using sensors, data analysis and extensive clinical expertise, human performance can be remotely monitored in real-life stressful environments and interventions suggested to improve performance outcomes.

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Competitive advantage

  • Access to a team of clinical experts and engineers
  • Ability to interpret sensor data in the context of improving human performance
  • Clinical-based interventions
  • Remote or rural clinical assessment and support


  • Enhanced human performance through assessment and intervention

Successful applications

  • Through the Rehabilitation Glove Project at The Quadriplegic Hand Research Unit, Royal North Shore Hospital a wearable device known as Exoflex was developed to provide applied finger joint movement to 15 joints of the hand.
  • The device provides therapeutic movement, hand assessment and light functional pinch for people recovering from trauma, surgery or burns, and people with permanent paralysis such as those with spinal cord injury.
  • Technology is secured by international patents and licensed to BES Rehab, UK
  • Successfully commercialised and used internationally
  • Multi-award winning

Capabilities and facilities

  • Movement control and evaluation especially as the result of intervention
  • VR and 3-D analysis
  • Detection and interpretation of biomechanical and bioelectric signals
  • Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist
  • Paediatric Medicine Specialist

Our partners

  • Sydney Children’s Hospital, Rehab2Kids
  • Royal North Shore Hospital, Hand and Peripheral Nerve Surgery Department