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Specialists in design and control of permanent magnet (PM) type electric machines. Strong capabilities in design optimisation and control of various PM machine geometries for low-speed, high torque applications such as direct-drive wind energy conversion.

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Competitive advantage

  • Expertise in designing direct-drive PM generators with compact size and negligible cogging torque.
  • One of the world’s first to develop fractional-slot concentrated wound interior PM machine for direct-drive wind energy conversion
  • Advanced control techniques for the generator-side converters of Wind Energy Conversion
  • Advanced techniques for on-line parameter identification with the possibility to use in remote condition monitoring of off-shore generators


  • Direct-drive PM generators of compact size and with negligible cogging torque
  • Cost-effective controller suitable for roof-top applications.

Successful applications

  • Advanced control techniques for the direct-drive PM generators
  • Patented Fractional-slot Concentrate Wound PM machine technology
  • Pending patent application—design optimisation package for PM machine

Capabilities and facilities

  • Finite-element packages, including Magsoft and ANSYS, with optimization tools developed in-house
  • Simulation platforms (Matlab–Simulink, PSIM), FPGA and DSP systems with high-performance signal acquisition, estimation and switch gate-drive interfaces
  • Two and three-level inverters
  • Several machine drive set-ups complete with shaft position sensors, torque sensors and highly dynamic loads
  • Four-quadrant dynamometer for testing direct-drive wind generators

Our partners

  • Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics
  • Toshiba
  • Regal Beloit