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Advanced flow modelling and experimental analysis from medical images, virtualisation and simulation for structural and fluid dynamic investigation. This includes populational statistics and data-driven mapping for biomarker detection, improved diagnostics and treatment optimisation.

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Competitive advantage

  • Use-inspired research resulting in close collaboration with clinical professionals
  • State-of-the-art capabilities in terms of bench-top testing with couple computational assessment


  • Using statistics, simulation and analytics to optimise the diagnosis and treatment approach in vascular care.

Successful outcomes

  • Framework for a populational large-scale arterial shape and flow analysis
  • Automated adverse vessel shape feature recognition tool
  • Data analytics for two stent strategy forecasting
  • Realistic replication of vessel tissue mechanics and shape using 3D printing
  • Novel stent design proposal based on flow optimisation

Capabilities and facilities

  • Multi-objective design optimisation
  • PIV and LDA flow measurement systems with advanced pressure-flow control
  • Microfluidic device fabrication facilities with PC1 lab
  • A range of multi-material and compliance 3D printers
  • Super-computer modelling with high end GPU and storage capability

Our partners

  • Prince of Wales Hospital
  • Boston Scientific