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Specialists in nuclear engineering and nuclear materials and their application to protection against nuclear and radiological threats.

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Competitive advantage

As Australia’s leading research group in nuclear engineering, we offer vital expertise to government and industry sectors, including:

  • Radiation-hard materials
  • Radiation safety response
  • Radiation impact modelling
  • Uranium metallurgy and uranium chemistry
  • Virtual reality, human-machine interfaces and remote handling


  • Safer materials and systems for protection against radiation threats

Successful applications

  • The highest possible melting-point refractory high-entropy alloy (CrMoVW), containing chromium for oxidation protection
  • Tungsten-vanadium carbide alloys for hard facing, Broco/Rankin Vanotung™
  • Nuclear engineering of components and systems in the OPAL reactor

Capabilities and facilities

  • UNSW radioactive material research facilities
  • Discretionary access to Australian nuclear infrastructure
  • Experience in accessing international facilities, with demonstrated outcomes

Our partners

  • Westinghouse Electric
  • Broco/Rankin