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Integrating various telehealth technologies to better support those suffering from chronic disease, provide continuity of care from the hospital to the home and promote preventive health and wellness strategies.

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Competitive advantage

  • Access to patient clinics and study groups
  • Active presence in the Randwick Health Zone, including close involvement in the design of a Virtual Care Centre planned for the new Prince of Wales Hospital (POWH)
  • Engagement of clinicians and stakeholders to promote user-centric systems design
  • Decades of experience in medical device regulatory approvals (TGA/FDA/CE) and development of health-authority-compliant software architectures


  • Reduce hospital readmissions and patient mortality by 40%
  • Reduce complications caused by non-adherence to prescribed medications

Successful outcomes

  • Systems piloted in clinical trials at POWH in the cardiac rehabilitation setting
  • Expanded to a clinical trial throughout NSW hospitals for reducing hospital readmissions in the case of cardiovascular disease

Capabilities and facilities

  • Algorithms for health risk stratification
  • Software lifecycle development processes
  • Network laboratory of dedicated software developers currently engaged in a dozen health projects using common tools and architectures

Our partners

  • Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA)
  • Numerous hospitals throughout Austral