Innovative Food Processing Technologies

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Using mathematical modelling to design and optimise food processing technologies, such as thermal pasteurisation, freezing, chilling and drying, ultrasound, plasma and radio frequency electrical fields.

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Competitive advantage

  • Expertise in transport phenomena for the design and optimisation of thermal pasteurisation of liquid foods, and the freezing, chilling and drying of solid foods
  • Novel and non-thermal processing technologies, such as radio frequency electric field and ultrasound, to enhance the quality of processed foods
  • Use of mathematical modelling to develop new, and optimise existing, processing technologies


  • Increased the quality of coffee brews
  • Enhanced the oil yield extraction from oilseeds

Successful applications

  • Novel technology to produce coffee brews of enhanced organoleptic properties with the assistance of ultrasound
  • Radio frequency technology for the non-thermal pasteurisation of fruit juices
  • Ultrasonic process to enhance the oil extraction from oilseeds
  • Plasma activated water system for the surface decontamination of red meats

Capabilities and facilities

  • Equipment for radio frequency processing, ultrasound processing, high pressure and non-thermal plasma

Our partners

  • Australian Meat processing corporation