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World leading laser flow diagnostics.

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Competitive advantage

  • Unique combination of state-of-the-art shock tunnel for generating hypersonic flows and laser-based diagnostics for making precision measurements in those flows
  • Wide range of laser-based measurement technologies, including laser-induced fluorescence diode laser absorption spectroscopy and resonantly-enhanced shearing interferometry


  • Design of more efficient hypersonic vehicles
  • Improved understanding of aerothermodynamic heating and drag characteristics of hypersonic vehicles
  • Testing validity of computational models

Successful applications

  • Produced the world’s first two-dimensional velocity maps in hypersonic separated flows
  • Density measurements 100 times more sensitive than existing technologies
  • Fastest scanning temperature measurement technology currently in existence (1.6 million temperature measurements per second)
  • International collaboration in comparison of state-of-the-art computational methods
  • Multiple funding streams including US Air Force programs

Capabilities and facilities

  • T-ADFA free-piston shock tunnel
  • YAG-pumped dye laser system
  • Diode laser absorption spectroscopy system