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Penetrator probes dropped from a height can quickly deliver seismic monitoring and other geophysical equipment to the subsurface.

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Competitive advantage

  • Expertise in ground penetrator probes. These offer a number of key advantages, including:
  • Can be delivered via airplane, helicopter or UAV
  • Can be used to quickly build up monitoring networks in remote areas
  • Able to withstand impacts at up to several hundred metres per second
  • Can contain multiple geophysical, geological and other sensing payloads
  • Accelerometer on impact measures depth of penetration and identifies sediment layers, and
  • Able to communicate with base station using radio


  • More rapid and cost-effective geophysical monitoring and sensor networks, including remote deployment

Capabilities and facilities

  • Mining Geomechanics Laboratory
  • Advanced Visualisation and Interaction Environment

Our partners

  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory Caltech
  • NASA