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Leveraging population-based, routinely collected data to generate real-world evidence about prescribed medicines.

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Competitive advantage

  • Unique combination of skills, in the ethics, governance, analysis and interpretation of large-linked data
  • Leader in high-quality, interdisciplinary health research using big data
  • Training and capacity building in health big data analytics
  • Long-standing and productive partnership with clinicians, policymakers and industry to facilitate the rapid translation of research findings into health improvements


  • Population data linkage is a powerful and cost-effective means of generating unbiased, long-term evidence about the use, risk and benefits of prescribed medicines and the impact of health interventions.

Capabilities and facilities

  • Specialist skills in (pharmaco)epidemiology, biostatistics and health data science
  • Deep understanding of relevant ethical, legal and policy frameworks
  • High-level expertise in the secure management of big data
  • Proficiency in developing and delivering training