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A pioneering high-performance visualisation facility that forges new ground in integrated artistic and scientific thinking to facilitate understanding of complex datasets and ultra-scale imagery.

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Competitive advantage 

  • High-End Visualisation System (HEVS) removes barriers of entry for deploying visualisation applications to any platform including AR, VR, XR, large screens, multi-touch walls
  • Virtual Reality of the Future (~120 million pixels in 3D) allows experimentation with new User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX)
  • The most influential computer graphics and high-performance visualisation laboratory in Australia
  • EPICentre hosts the highest resolution Virtual Reality (VR) system in the world—nearly 120 million pixels in 3D. This is achieved by 56x60" display cubes, assembled in a 4x14 matrix with 1-2mm edge-to-edge bezels. It also hosts a 6.5m Travelling Full Dome


  • EPICentre promotes cross connection of visualization with applied computational simulations, artificial intelligence (AI), and creativity in arts and science

 Successful applications  

  • High-End Visualisation System (HEVS): platform allowing the deployment of interactive applications across a range of visualisation systems; one executable that runs everywhere
  • Massive Networks and AI: visualisation and analytics of very large-scale graphs in immersive environments