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Expertise in uncertainty modelling, risk analysis and asset valuation on energy generating and storage facilities that are subject to operational constraints, investment flexibility, and market uncertainties.

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Competitive advantage

  • Ability to conduct market-based asset valuations, taking energy production and storage process options into account
  • Expertise in assessing the optimal timing for investment in energy assets, despite an uncertain policy environment


  • Enabling the optimal adoption of clean technology to combat climate change
  • Creating sustainable operations that achieve environmental stewardship

Successful applications

  • Valued thermal generating units subject to physical constraints such as ramping, minimum up/down times, overfiring and preventive maintenance
  • Compared tradeable permits and carbon taxes in terms of how each instrument can effectively induce clean technology adoption
  • Valued the investment of a fast pyrolysis facility for producing cellulosic biofuels in Iowa

Capabilities and facilities

  • Unit commitment problem in a power grid
  • Clean technology investment valuation