Emerging Technologies Around Hydrogen Production and Storage, Catalysis for CO2 Conversion and Integrated Power Systems

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A leading photo(electro)catalysis and nanomaterials research group with expertise and focus around catalysis processes that are thermal, electrochemical, photothermal and photoelectrochemical. The group has a highly efficient and low cost Photovoltaic-Electrolysis (PVE) system to produce renewable fuels by harvesting the full spectrum of sunlight.

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Competitive advantage

  • Production of renewable fuels (e.g. H2, CO, ethanol) using cost-effective and active electrolysers powered by photovoltaic cells
  • Electrodes are comprised of earth abundant elements without using any expensive noble metals
  • Electrolysers can use natural seawater as the electrolyte to produce chlorine on the anode and hydrogen on the cathode


  • Enhanced Australian energy security by using infinite and diffusive solar energy
  • Alleviate global warming by reducing the carbon footprint
  • Off-grid fuel generation in remote strategic sites

Successful applications

  • PVE electrolysis for Hydrogen generation

Capabilities and facilities

  • Wide range of nanomaterials development techniques
  • State-of-the-art instrument for particle and material characterisation
  • Several electrolysers for testing catalyst performance
  • In-situ studies capability

Our partners

  • RayGen Resources Pty Ltd
  • Shenzhen Kohodo Sunshine Renewable Energy Co. Ltd
  • Beijing Zhongchao Haiqi Technology Co Ltd