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An industrially scalable method has been developed for synthesising polymer nanoparticles decorated with graphene oxide sheets via miniemulsion polymerisation. This enables preparation of electrically-conductive films using a simple method at ambient temperature. The resulting nanocomposite films exhibit high electrical conductivity and have a wide range of potential applications as conductive coatings.

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Competitive advantage

  • Technology represents first example of an approach for synthesis of electrically-conductive graphene/polymer films that form at ambient temperature
  • Environmentally friendly process
  • Amenable to industrial scale applications


  • Potential for advanced coatings, sensors and nanomedicines

Capabilities and facilities

  • Synthesis of polymer/graphene thin films with specified level of electrical conductivity
  • Synthesis of hybrid polymer/graphene nanoparticles as hybrid materials
  • Synthesis of polymer nanoparticles of various size, shape and internal morphology

Our partners

  • Planet Innovation Ltd
  • Atmo Biosciences Ltd
  • Department of Agriculture, Australia
  • Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Australia