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Developing advanced mitigation technologies that combat the need for increased energy consumption in cities to cope with local and global climate change.

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Competitive advantage

  • Invaluable experience in decreasing the temperature of cities and mitigating urban heat, and a demonstrated ability to improve outdoor thermal comfort by up to 60 per cent during peak period
  • Expertise in decrease the energy consumption of buildings, including:
    • A reduction in the peak ambient temperature by up to 3°C
    • Up to 40 per cent less energy consumed to cool buildings


  • Producing better thermal conditions in cities while consuming a great deal less energy
  • Significant reduction in heat-related mortality and morbidity

Successful applications

  • Implemented in about 100 large-scale mitigation projects all around the world.

Capabilities and facilities

  • A fully-equipped laboratory able to perform any kind of energy and environmental measurements for the development and testing of mitigation technologies
  • State-of-the-art mobile energy bus with thermal cameras, tracer gas equipment, IAQ sensors and analysers, light and daylight measuring equipment, and a drone to perform aerial measurements
  • All types of energy and environmental simulation tools for cities and building projects

Our partners

  • Energy Efficiency Council
  • Government of NT
  • City of Parramatta
  • Bluescope