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Exploring emerging challenges across a broad range of issues arising from the intersection of law and technology. The emphasis is not on technology as such, but rather on the regulation of the social space created by computing networks - ‘cyberspace’

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Competitive advantage

Expertise in:

  • Regulation of malware and cybercrime
  • Online content regulation
  • Hacktivism
  • Cloud computing
  • Legal jurisdiction in virtual worlds
  • Intellectual property in digital artefacts
  • Privacy and personal information security
  • Online financial transactions and investment services, e-commerce, e-government
  • Authentication and encryption
  • Internet governance
  • Legal issues arising from threats to networked security


  • Understanding the legal and policy issues arising from digital transactions in online and networked environments assists in policy development in relation to cybersecurity.
  • Submissions to various government agencies, including
    • Office of the Australian Information Commissioner on Big Data
    • Office of the Australian Information Commissioner mandatory data breach notification inquiry
    • Consultation on proposals for reform of Copyright Act, including the viability of Orphan Works under a ‘Fair Use’ exception
    • Parliamentary Joint Committee metadata retention and s 313 Telecommunications Act inquiries
    • Australian Law Reform Commission Serious invasions of privacy in the digital era