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The time-critical and resource-intensive nature of detecting and taking-down cyber-threats leaves companies with little time to review and advance their awareness and education strategies. This research network aims to empower organisations to make data-driven decisions and cultivate a cyber-safe culture.

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Competitive advantage  

  • Pioneers of an impact-first research method that enables academics and practitioners to co-create solutions to business and societal challenges
  • The research network has expertise in: 
    • Cyber-threat landscape analysis 
    • Cyber behaviours analysis  
    • Cyber security awareness and education strategic development 


  • Improving the cyber security awareness and education of organisations through in-depth analysis of cyber-threat and behavioural data. 

Capabilities and resources  

  • Interdisciplinary team from Information Systems and Computer Science 

 Our partners   

  • Ernst & Young  
  • A leading insurance group in Australia