Climate Change, Climate Dynamics and Climate Extremes

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CCRC is a multi-disciplinary research centre with expertise in the areas of atmospheric, oceanic and terrestrial_processes, and the largest university research facility of its kind in Australia. Expertise provides the capability to assess risk associated with climate change, including risks to health, ecosystems, urban systems and financial stability.

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Competitive advantage

  • The CCRC brings together a unique breadth and depth of expertise in climate research spanning ocean, land, atmosphere and climate impacts.


  • Reliable, robust, evidence-based advice to all levels of government
  • Modelling and data to assess risk associated with climate change in business

Successful Outcomes

  • CCRC researchers have worked with a range of government and industry partners to provide bespoke data, tools, modelling and expertise

Capabilities and facilities

  • Scientists at CCRC employ a variety of_research tools including global and regional_models of the atmosphere, ocean and_land surface, coastal domain simulations and process models. _Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these research tools, and the merits of using them for specific applications. Utilise a_great variety of data collected from satellites, ships, weather_stations, eddy-flux towers and aircraft

Our partners

  • NSW Department of Planning
  • Industry and Environment
  • Sydney Water
  • NSW Department of Primary Industries