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Breath analysis using Sorbent tubes and GC-MS/O technology to analyse Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) offers a non-intrusive alternative to traditional biopsies and blood tests.

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Competitive advantage

Advantages include:

  • Non-intrusive breath sampling as a suitable alternative for biopsies and blood tests
  • Assessment of accuracy of the technology as it emerges
  • Fast diagnosis opportunities that could take less than 40 minutes
  • Simple use and application for patients and hospital staff


  • Less intrusive sampling for patients
  • Benchmarked methodology can be applied to further research

Capabilities and facilities

  • Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry/Olfactometry to characterise VOCs, which comprises a GC-MS (Agilent 6890GC/5973MSD) coupled to an ODP (Olfactory Detection Port, Gerstel)

Our partners

  • The Royal Hospital for Women
  • Prince of Wales Clinical School