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Persistent autonomous operation of commercial-grade field vehicles such as agricultural tractors, bulldozers and other mining vehicles, military vehicles and civil construction vehicles.

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Competitive advantage

  • Patented autonomous vehicle systems technology, which allows vehicles to operate without drivers, increasing productivity and reducing operational costs
  • The technology is fully tested and commercial ready
  • The machines are highly intelligent and backed by sophisticated multi-sensor data fusion, advanced image processing, and complex non-linear vehicle guidance algorithms


  • Lower cost transport, agricultural and mining operations
  • Vehicle operations in high risk environments. e.g IED countermeasures

Successful applications

  • Developed and built high precision autonomously-guided construction machinery for Makinex
  • Converted Komatsu D65-EX bulldozer to a full autonomous bulldozer in partnership with Komatsu
  • Completely developed and patented a sophisticated high-precision broad acre planter for Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)

Capabilities and facilities

  • Multi-sensor ground-based and airborne precision 3D terrain mapping systems
  • Advanced image processing algorithms for image enhancement
  • Advanced and robust vehicle guidance algorithms for all types of drive and steer systems
  • Sophisticated data compressio