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As the world endeavours to electrify transportation through electrical powertrains, electrical machines and drives will become even more prevalent. Concentrated-wound machine technology offers improved machine performance in these applications, reducing the risk of faults propagating through the machine.

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Competitive advantage

  • Many years’ experience in the research and development of concentrated-wound and fractional slot machines, particularly permanent-magnet machines
  • Leading winding techniques that improve machine performance
  • Ability to mass-manufacture windings
  • Patented technology


  • Increased efficiency through reduced rotor losses and lower torque ripple
  • Improves the performance of electric vehicles and other powertrains
  • Improved operation under machine faults

Successful applications

  • Applications in powertrains, electric vehicles and aerospace

Capabilities and facilities

  • Electrical machine design software
  • Advanced machine control algorithms to improve torque ripple, speed range and efficiency
  • Prototypes ready for commercialisation

Our partners

  • Motorica