Ageing well and dementia care in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

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Working closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to conduct research regarding ageing well and dementia care, co-design healthy ageing programs, develop culturally responsive dementia education and training, and empower health and aged care services to build capacity in supporting the health and wellbeing of older people, their families and communities.

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Competitive advantage

  • Diverse multidisciplinary team with extensive experience across medical, health and community sectors
  • Expertise in clinical research, cohort studies, qualitative, participatory and collaborative co-design methods
  • Trusted long term partner to vulnerable communities


  • Driving the understanding of ageing and dementia with urban and regional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations

Successful outcomes

  • Unique prospective longitudinal population-based study of ageing and dementia in urban and regional Aboriginal communities in Australia
  • Development of culturally safe education and training resources, including interactive workshops, models of community and service capacity building, and multimedia online resources
  • Collaborative co-design to develop and evaluate innovative programs to support ageing well in culturally secure and accessible ways (home-based physical/cognitive exercise, mindfulness-based stress reduction)

Capabilities and facilities

  • Thought leadership in literature, clinical assessment and diagnosis
  • Neuroimaging, qualitative and co-design methods
  • Knowledge translation and capacity building with communities and services, including digital health and education