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Wireless Communications Lab (WCL) conducts innovative and cutting-edge research in wireless communications; specialising in ultra-reliable M2M and IoT communication technologies for 5G and industrial applications.

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Competitive advantage

  • Extensive experience in research, design and development of ultra-reliable, dense multi-user communication systems, M2M communication transceiver technologies and communication protocols
  • Extensive research collaboration experience with leading telecoms companies and organisations


  • Faster and more reliable wireless communications

Successful applications

  • Massive multiple-input, multiple-output technique for 5G wireless networks
  • Massive connectivity and low latency machine-to-machine communications for 5G
  • Enhanced decoding algorithms for 5G LDPC codes
  • Efficient and sustainable wireless-powered communication networks
  • Design and analysis of delayed bit interleaved coded modulation
  • Efficient cross-layer coding techniques for wireless networks

Capabilities and facilities

  • Wireless communication system design and test facilities—microwave chamber, spectrum analysers, vector signal generators, FPGA development platforms and software-defined radio platforms
  • High performance computing clusters for ultra-reliable system error performance evaluation