Well-being, migration, and ageing

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Focussed on understanding and addressing the 'Healthy Migrant Effect', whereby migrants are on average healthier than the natives of the host country when they arrive but never-the-less suffer worse health and higher mortality in older age. Studying health and well-being patterns, behaviours about how migrants deal with ageing in Australia as a country of destination, and the challenge they pose for reporting and receiving services directed at maintaining their health and well-being.

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Competitive advantage

  • Key intersectional research expertise across critical topics of interest to Australia and OECD: migration, ageing, and health
  • Extensive collaborations with domestic and international economists and social scientists with shared interests
  • Data analytics and statistical analysis experience with a multitude of complex datasets


We know little about demand for health services among elderly in minority groups, such as migrants despite accounting for 30% of the population in Australia and importantly 50% of its population growth. Without understanding if they are over/under-provisioned, Australia may under/over-estimate health budgets and/or provide meaningless services to this sizeable part of the population