Wearable and Flexible Sensors with High Sensitivity and Stretchability for Human Health Monitoring

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Through rational material design and structural engineering, a range of wearable sensor systems—with high sensitivity, stretchability and durability to enable detection of subtle pressure/force changes associated with movement and health conditions—has been developed. These new sensors open the door to applications for monitoring the health of those with chronic diseases.

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Competitive advantage

  • High accuracy, quick to respond, robust and extremely durable
  • Highly flexible and stretchable—it can be stretched up to 100% strain
  • Easy data collection process through electrical resistance
  • Low power consumption, in tens of microwatts
  • Water resistance—encapsulated sensor is moisture proof and resistant to body fluids


  • Early prediction and diagnosis of illness prior to the onset of symptoms
  • Affordable, customised, user friendly, robust and rapid, and equipment free

Successful outcomes

  • Demonstration of continuously monitoring physiological signals and human motion in a reliable, skin-conforming and non-intrusive manner.

Capabilities and facilities

  • Mechanical test of sensor devices in terms of modulus and fatigue
  • High accuracy measurements of electrical properties of sensor devices

Our partners

  • Sydney Children’s Hospital
  • Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA)
  • 3F Medical, Shanghai, China
  • Defence Innovations, Melbourne