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The production of renewable hydrogen from preconditioned biomass is an important source of energy and a key component of Australia’s future energy offerings for the generation and exporting of hydrogen. It is economically viable and environmentally friendly, with zero carbon dioxide emissions.

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Competitive advantage

  • Preconditioned biomass (from raw biomass stream) can be obtained at very low cost
  • Electrocatalytic hydrogen extraction from pre-conditioned biomass is generally easier than water electrolysis
  • It is selective, delivers zero carbon dioxide emissions and can produce value-added organic products with potential to be used as precursors for plastic fabrication


  • Competitive energy production by utilising waste to produce renewable hydrogen
  • Alleviate global warming by reducing the carbon footprint
  • Resource recovery and new materials

Successful applications

  • A zero-emission tandem array for transforming biomass into renewable hydrogen

Capabilities and facilities

  • Access to technical expertise and facilities dedicated to sustainable technology development

Our partners

  • Origin Water International Pty Ltd
  • Apricus Energy Pty Ltd