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A focus on the regulation and use of FinTech, RegTech and cryptocurrencies in developed and developing countries.

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Competitive advantage

  • The most frequently downloaded research on FinTech and RegTech on the Social Science Research Network
  • World-leading research on the most cutting-edge issues in technology and financial services


  • Research and thinking are reflected in the statute law and central bank guidelines of over a dozen developing nations.

Successful applications  

  • Assembling the world’s largest database of Initial Coin Offering whitepapers subject to legal analysis, to produce a groundbreaking paper that will shortly appear in the Harvard Journal of International Law
  • Other projects have analysed the liability of processing nodes on distributed ledgers, and the forces and regulatory settings shaping the rapid rise of data-driven finance around the world
  • Most recent work analyses the likely impacts on Australia and the global financial system of Facebook’s proposed new cryptocurrency: the Libra
  • Collaborated with Asian Development Bank staff on a major multi-year project for the Bank entitled “Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital Assets: Policy and Regulatory Challenges in Asia”
  • Provided advice to the Asian Development Bank and the governments and central banks of Fiji, Malawi, Mongolia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Peru, the Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Tonga, and the West African Economic and Monetary Union on matters relating to the regulation of digital financial services
  • Have written the current roadmap on how to build a vibrant digital financial ecosystem for the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) – an association of the central banks of 92 developing nations  

Our partners  

  • United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
  • Alliance for Financial Inclusion
  • Asian Development Bank