UNSW Ageing Futures Institute

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The UNSW Ageing Futures Institute combines world-leading research capability in psychology, population health, social sciences, law, biomedical engineering, telehealth, social robotics, experimental arts, built environment and economics. Diverse collaboration methods and bring an interdisciplinary and life-course approach to research. Building on strong partnerships with government, industry, academic and community collaborators, the UNSW Ageing Futures Institute aims to deliver real-world impact.

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Competitive advantage

  • A connected ecosystem of industry, community, NGO and local, state and federal government partners, with a focus on stakeholder priorities and needs
  • Access to cohort studies of healthy ageing allowing for life-course and big data approaches
  • Unique research infrastructure including National Facility for Human Robot Interaction Research and the Felt Experience and Empathy Lab (fEEL)
  • Research programs promoting healthy ageing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Expertise in brain health, cognitive ageing, and dementia including interventions, imaging, and clinics
  • Powerful qualitative research capabilities, including co-design, participatory and arts-based methods, to explore the experiences of ageing, increase empathy and reduce stigma
  • Data-analytics and extensive modelling of financial, health and social trends to inform national and international policy
  • Telehealth, e-health, m-health and smart design to support people ageing at home.


  • Interventions and clinical trials to optimise brain health and prevent cognitive decline
  • Invention of devices and apps to promote independence and health, and manage illness
  • Contributions to national and international policy in ageing across social, health, public health, economic, technology, housing, accessibility and aged care domains
  • Creating arts-based approaches to communicate the challenges of ageing, address ageism and stigma and promote empathy to the wider public

Successful outcomes

  • Standing Tall fall prevention app developed for people living at home and in aged care
  • Informed policy and practice development in key domains including development of the WHO Guidelines on Risk Reduction for Cognitive Decline and Dementia
  • Research used in the developments of practice guides for referral to elder mediation services and the implementation of GP dementia training and care guidelines
  • Ageing Program of The Big Anxiety Festival, delivering arts-based experiences to illuminate the challenges and experiences of ageing
  • Modelling of financial and health trends used by government and industry to inform policy and practice

Our partners

  • Numerous industry, community, NGO and local, state and federal government partners