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Combining accounting rigour with expertise in work health and safety (WHS), performance measurement and governance to improve the measurement and reporting of WHS performance.

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Competitive advantage

  • Professional accounting expertise enables the application of a unique lens to WHS performance evaluation
  • Internationally recognised research offers a new approach to examining and communicating both the effectiveness of WHS systems and practices, and the social and financial impact of occupational injury and illness


  • Better quality WHS performance measurement and reporting improves the visibility of critical risk and high consequence injury, better informs risk management efforts and enables verification of activity and performance
  • Research outputs help ensure Directors, managers and other stakeholders are appropriately informed about the WHS impact of operational and strategic decisions

Successful applications

  • Research informed the Global Reporting Initiative’s new Global OHS Reporting Standard (GRI403), and underpins the series of five research reports published by Safe Work Australia and used by companies across Australia and internationally

Our partners

  • Research partners have included State and Federal Governments, professional bodies, industry associations, companies and not-for-profit organisations