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A long-term strategic initiative to investigate business and economic law issues involving China and Australia.

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Competitive advantage 

  • Unique Australian and Chinese perspective on Chinese global and local commercial issues
  • The largest number of Chinese scholars of international business and economic law in any law school in the world outside of China, ably supported by some pre-eminent Australian experts


  • Regular engagement with industry, regulators and beyond
  • Regular presentations at high-level conferences and participation in public debate
  • Training programs for government officials

Successful applications  

  • Assembled a strong research track record with publications on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), World Trade Organisation (WTO) law, corporate, banking, fintech, competition, arbitration, investment, and intellectual property law, and an emerging work stream in environmental law
  • Partnership with some of the best law schools in China and Asia to pursue joint research and teaching

Capabilities and resources

  • China International Business and Economic Law Centre (CIBEL) conducts globally significant research and has partnerships with elite institutions
  • CIBEL Global Network is a hub to engage with scholars, practitioners, regulators and the pu