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Research focused on transformations of the regulatory state in both national-comparative and transnational contexts, with a focus on the interaction between the technocratic interstices of regulation and collective commitments to democracy, conviviality and ecological sustainability.

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Competitive advantage

  • A unique multidisciplinary approach across law, regulation, diverse economies, social enterprise, energy, food and water
  • Global perspectives on regulatory frameworks for food, water resources and climate change policy
  • World-leading research into social enterprise, cooperatives and commons-based governance


  • New legal models for social enterprise and their implications for the legal profession
  • Exploring the tensions between recent developments in sharing or platform economies and new economies of the kind affiliated with solidarity and the creation of a commons

Successful applications

  • Knowledge transfer project with the Centre for Policy Studies in India, exploring the lessons from comparing how South Africa and India have responded at the national level to related work
  • A second project with the Centre for Policy Studies in India on the rise of the regulatory state in the developing world – highly cited in regulation and governance literature
  • Australian Research Council Future Fellowship on legal and regulatory support structures for social activists and social enterprises responding to climate change in Australia and the UK
  • Bottom-up participatory approaches to implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Capabilities and resources

  • Significant expertise and global network across multiple disciplines
  • Leadership in (and co-founding of) the New Economy Network of Australia