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Development of a new type of synchronous reluctance machine that has a skewed, axially-laminated rotor, which solves the problem of torque ripple normally associated with traditional rotors.

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Competitive advantage

  • An innovative axially-laminated rotor that is skewed, which improves machine performance and creates near-zero torque ripple
  • Novel multi-phase winding techniques improve output torque
  • Advanced tools for the analysis, design and fabrication of novel rotors using 3D printing
  • Ability to produce smaller, cheaper machines


  • The rotor structure can be operated at very high speed, which makes it useful in many emerging applications
  • Synchronous reluctance machines and drivers are cheaper and more efficient than conventional field-excited and permanent-magnet synchronous machines as they do not require permanent-magnets and do not rely on rotor currents

Successful applications

  • Applications in electric vehicle powertrains and high-speed drive applications for Australian and Chinese industries

Capabilities and facilities

  • Electrical machine design experience
  • Multi-phase machine design techniques
  • Multi-phase drives and controls
  • Low-speed, high-torque load machines and high-speed load machines

Our partners

  • Shandong BOFA Power Machinery
  • Motorica