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Cucurbituril, a supramolecular system unit developed at UNSW, is a robust host molecule that can be used in various applications, including drug delivery, asymmetric synthesis, molecular switching, and dye tuning

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Competitive advantage

  • Strong background in supramolecular synthesis and international expertise in molecular host-guest systems of cucurbituril for chemical property manipulation
  • Expertise in energetic materials including analysis, detection and controlled degradation
  • Suite of intellectual property protection

Successful applications

  • Supramolecular manipulation for improved IR countermeasure flares, Defence Science and Technology (DST)
  • Safe degradation methods to cyclic peroxide base explosives, DST
  • A sensor-reporter approach to explosive detection in aqueous environments via luminescence manipulation within molecular cages
  • Environmental treatment of waste water from nitrotriazole (NTO) manufacture, DST

Our partners

  • Defence Science and Technology (DST)