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Inferring emotional and mental state from speech and behavioural signals—by automatically detecting speaker, language and pronunciation—to enhance security via speech analysis.

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Competitive advantage

Expertise in automatic inference of emotion, distress and mental state from speech and other biometrics, as well as:

  • Voice biometrics and anti-spoofing countermeasures
  • Automatic identification of language and detection of pronunciation
  • Behavioural and biomedical signal processing


  • More efficient and effective security and surveillance
  • Understanding and maximising human performance in high-stress environments
  • This research has been translated into smartphone apps that can monitor mental states, smart health monitoring and interventions, automated speech therapy and second language learning, and live analysis of web-based remote video consultations

Successful applications

  • Joint modelling and recognition of linguistic and paralinguistic speech information
  • Affective sensing technology for the detection and monitoring of depression and melancholia
  • Automatic task analysis for wearable computing
  • Investigating Bayesian frameworks for paralinguistic classification
  • Automatic speech-based assessment of mental state via mobile device

Capabilities and facilities

  • High performance computing capabilities, including a large library of c