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Next generation multi-junction solar cells for powering satellites and spacecraft.

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Competitive advantage

  • Semiconductor material and processes for solar cells with higher efficiency, lower weight and greater radiation tolerance
  • Extensive knowledge of multi-junction solar cells and computer simulation capabilities, coupled with collaborations with space cell manufacturers, enables rapid prototyping of devices
  • Patented technology for achieving ultra-radiation hard solar cells using interstitial light trapping


  • Reduced weight and hence payload launch costs
  • Radiation hardened solar cells for longer missions and/or resilience in high radiation orbits
  • Enabling high altitude persistent UAVs

Successful applications

  • Demonstrated the use of metal nanoparticles in space solar cells in collaboration, Azur Space GmbH
  • Demonstrated the feasibility for achieving radiation hard space cells, Azur Space GmbH and European Space Agency
  • Demonstrated the first triple junction solar cell using silicon–germanium–tin alloys, IQE PLC
  • Developing ultra-radiation hard solar cells, US Naval Research Laboratory

Capabilities and facilities

  • State-of-the-art labs for research in multijunction solar cell fabrication and characterisation
  • Solar Energy Research Facility (SERF)—an on-campus R&D pilot line for silicon wafer solar cells

Our partners

  • IQE PLC, UK.
  • Naval Research Laboratory, USA