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Extensive expertise in development of new solar thermal and thermal energy storage technologies with testing capabilities to understand the performance of existing technologies, with an emphasis on real-world experimentation ‘on-sun’, where appropriate.

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Competitive advantage

World-class testing facilities for outdoor testing of prototype solar collectors and thermal storage devices that run on liquid or gaseous working fluids.


  • Improve technologies for solar thermal and thermal energy storage.

Successful applications

  • Lead investigator on two ARC projects:- Superhydrophobic/nanotechnology, micro solar collectors - Waste heat recycling for desal in solar thermal power plants
  • Chief Investigator on four ARENA funded projects in solar thermal areas:- Aluminium processing with solar energy (current project)- Hydrogen production via solar thermal/pv system (in collaboration with Chemical Engineering)

Capabilities and facilities

  • Two outdoor solar laboratories
  • An indoor lab for fluids and heat transfer measurements (includes a differential scanning calorimeter, IR cameras, and other thermal characterisation equipment

Our partners

  • Vast Solar (CSP Engineering)
  • Apricus (Solar Hot Water)
  • GREE (HVAC manufacturer)
  • Solar and Thermal Energy Solutions (Consulting)