Social Robotics

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A cross-disciplinary research environment dedicated to understanding how humans interact with real-world robotic agents and responsive structures within the context of assistive technologies, creative communities and human futures.

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Competitive advantage

  • Leading expertise in design and evaluation of human-focused technologies and multi-disciplinary approaches to human-computer and human-robot interfaces
  • Dedicated spaces for designing, testing and evaluating new technologies and robots
  • Extensive experience co-designing with industry
  • Worldwide network of industrial and creative community partners


  • Creating an awareness of social aspects of robotics
  • Incorporating art, design and creativity as key dimensions in robotics
  • Changing the ways in which assistive technologies can resolve situations with social stigma
  • Increasing home safety and assisting the elderly to stay at home longer

Successful applications

  • Conducted world-first cross-cultural studies in robotics across socio-economic groups and countries
  • Work in autism therapies: playful, therapeutic and educational interfaces that a child can learn with the Kaspar robot
  • Proofing trials of wearable technologies for fall and seizure detection, and early-detection and monitoring of cognitive impairment through indoor movement

Capabilities and resources

  • Dedicated spaces for designing, testing and evaluating new technologies and robots, while collecting an ever-improving array of complex human datasets in the National Facility for Human Robot Interaction Research
  • Experts in autism, technology, people, culture and robot morphologies at the Creative Robotics Lab
  • Biggest data collections in the world on how humans interact with robotic technologies
  • Diverse partnerships across robotics, artificial intelligence, psychology, rehabilitation medicine and interactive media arts

Our partners

  • Australian Defence Science and Technology
  • Bridgestone Digital Innovation Team
  • Data61
  • Fuji Xerox Innovation Japan
  • St Vincent's Kai and Rehabilitation Clinic
  • US Air Force